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What Is QuietCool?

QuietCool is an innovative whole-home fan and ventilation system that is growing in popularity thanks to the savings and comfort it provides homeowners. As the name suggests, this patented fan is whisper quiet compared to traditional systems, which allows people to run it for hours without any disruption.

The system is installed in your attic and works by drawing in cool air from outside while venting hot air out. That means that when it is cooler outside, like during early morning or night, you can run your QuietCool system instead of your AC. This not only cools down your home immediately but also circulates the air to minimize issues associated with poor indoor air quality, such as an increase in asthma symptoms or headaches.

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We pride ourselves on always being on time and also giving you a fair price for the work that we do.

where we


We pride ourselves on always being on time and also giving you a fair price for the work that we do.

He was well informed and reasonably priced. He took his time and walked me through the process. He was on time, diligent and professional throughout the entire process.

– Deborah W.


When you hire our team to install a QuietCool fan, you can expect a variety of benefits, particularly when it comes to your overall comfort, air quality, and cooling costs.

6 advantages to installing a QuietCool fan:

  1. Instantly lowers the temperature by 5-10 degrees
  2. Potentially lowers the temperature up to 20 to 30 degrees if run for an hour or more in cooler temperatures
  3. Reduces energy costs
  4. Reduces wear and tear on your AC
  5. Minimizes exposure to airborne contaminants
  6. Helps you enjoy cooler temperatures without the noise

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With your AC being one of the most expensive appliances in your home, it is a no-brainer that more and more people are turning to QuietCool for help. Our licensed team at Patterson Electrical Service is proud to be an official QuietCool Fan installer, and our electricians will help find the right type of fan for you and seamlessly install and maintain it to ensure you and your loved ones feel cool and comfortable indoors all year round. In addition to our skilled QuietCool installation services, we offer a variety of electrical solutions to ensure homes throughout Lombard and the surrounding areas are enjoying safe and reliable power.

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