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    Electrical services


    Conducting Reliable Electrical Safety Inspections in Villa Park, Elmhurst & Surrounding Areas

    Our thorough safety inspections are designed to keep you and your home safe from every potential hazard, from dangerous electrical fires to sudden electrocution.

    When our highly trained experts at Patterson Electrical Service Inc. arrive at your property, they will look for all the ways they can resolve harmful liabilities that are currently endangering you and your family. Let our team perform thorough Lombard electrical safety inspections so that you can feel the assurance that comes from knowing your property is secure from electrical threats.

    Reach out to us now at (630) 834-9110 to learn more about the importance of scheduling a detailed safety evaluation.

    When to Schedule Electrical Safety Inspections

    You might think that the only time you would schedule a safety inspection is when you are experiencing electrical troubles, but the reality is that it is critical to obtain these kinds of inspections to avoid having electrical malfunctioning in the first place. When our experts perform these thorough evaluations, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is secure from dangerous hazards. Moreover, if you are planning to remodel your property or even add a large new appliance, it is essential to make sure that your electrical panel can handle this addition.

    For anyone whose property is at least 40 years old, it is critical to get a safety inspection as well, since older buildings tend to have extra issues that make them potentially unsafe for inhabitants and visitors. Many residences in Lombard still have knob-and-tube wiring that needs to be replaced with a reliable update in order to use three-prong devices, as well as forestall sudden electrical fires.

    The Benefits of Having Thorough Inspections

    It is important to remember that the whole point of having an electrical inspection is to preserve the safety and health of yourself and anyone on the property. This is not simply a matter of avoiding the annoyance of flickering lights, but protecting family, friends, and visitors from sudden electrical shocks or harmful electrical fires.

    Some of the many other advantages that come from our expert evaluations include:

    • Reduced utility bills and energy costs with updated electrical devices
    • More dependable lighting when outdated knob-and-tube wiring has been replaced
    • The ability to meet your insurance policy requirements
    • The outlets and switches look charred or discolored
    • A higher value for your home if you are planning to put it on the market
    • Longer lifespan for your electrical appliances and devices
    • True comfort and peace of mind from having reliable, secure electrical services


    Contact our team of professional electricians and let us know how we can help your home or business. We're happy to give you a free estimate for the service you need!

    It is always much better to be safe than sorry. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Patterson Electrical Service Inc. Our reliable technicians are dedicated to providing powerful protection for your building.

    Call us today at (630) 834-9110 or contact us online to ask any questions you may have about our comprehensive Lombard electrical safety inspections.

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