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    Electrical services


    Quality Electrical Services in Villa Park, Elmhurst & Surrounding Areas

    Some of the most essential elements of your electrical system include your outlets and switches. These devices allow you to utilize critical electrical flow to power all of your appliances and devices, from your toothbrush charger to your television, while keeping you safe from electrical shocks and fires.

    Whether you are in the process of renovating your house from the ground up or are purchasing large new appliances for your office, this is a good time to either install updated outlets and switches – or else repair ones that have been causing you trouble. When our professional electricians from Patterson Electrical Service Inc. come to your property, we can make sure that it is secure from any type of electrical hazard with our powerful Lombard outlet and switch repair.

    Contact us now at (630) 834-9110 so that we can perform a full inspection of your property’s breaker system.

    Securing Your Property with GFCI Outlets

    The term “GFCI” or “GFI” is short for “ground fault circuit interrupter,” and it is a critical outlet to have in your home or business in order to keep you safe in locations where there is a high likelihood of being electrocuted. Bathrooms or kitchens, which are close to water sources, are extremely dangerous if there are no GFCIs to carefully monitor the flow of electricity. Whenever the GCFI identifies the slightest imbalance because the current has broken from its designated channel, it will break the circuit, thus keeping you safe from harm even in ungrounded outlets. It is important to never use these with large appliances like refrigerators or freezers, however, because they can trip on their own, catching you unawares.

    Some critical places that we can install reliable GCFIs include:

    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Laundry rooms
    • Utility closets
    • Pools and spas
    • Basements
    • Interior and exterior bars
    • Garages
    • Crawlspaces
    Installing AFCI Outlets
    Other important types of breakers to have are arc-fault circuit interrupters, also called AFCIs. While these devices also preserve you from electrical hazards, they detect an alternative kind of issue – that of electrical fires. If an electrical appliance is overheating, or a wire has become damaged on account of being torn out or even being chewed by rodents, this creates a dangerous situation. AFCIs monitor whenever such arcing is occurring, and immediately halt the current in your outlet before a devastating fire starts. We can install powerful AFCIs to properly secure your home.


    Contact our team of professional electricians and let us know how we can help your home or business. We're happy to give you a free estimate for the service you need!

    Whenever you need any installations, repairs, or replacements for your outlets or switches, it is important to get in touch as soon as possible with our dedicated experts. Building codes for recent construction require that you have these updated devices; however, even if your property is older and does not have such mandated codes, it is in just as much danger – if not more – of such electrical hazards. Keep your property secure and safe by immediately reaching out to our experienced team at Patterson Electrical Service Inc.

    Call us today at (630) 834-9110 or contact us online to learn more about the importance of servicing your Lombard outlets and switches.

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